WJA seat 2000 f150
The WJA seat will leave you wanting more for your rear end.

  • If You Haven't Noticed, The Seats Are Always Blue...
  • Aside from the blue seats' positive effects on the brain, they also do a stellar job of masking and concealing all the grime, dirt, germs, and stains. Ever noticed how bus seats are predominantly blue with wild patterns? It's the same deal - compared to a bright yellow, for example, a dark shade helps to the seats appear cleaner and, therefore, offers longevity.
  • Collins Aerospace provides the KuSAT-2000 tail-mounted antenna and components as necessary to operate the service
  • Seats Over The Wings Experience Less Turbulence. It doesn't matter if you're a seasoned flyer galavanting around the world on your frequent flyer miles or a first-timer itching to see a new place - turbulence is never fun. Unfortunately, we can't always avoid it, but what we can do is minimize it. Studies have shown that if toward the middle of the plane, right over the wing, is where the journey will be the least bumpy.
  • The Real Reason Why Windows And Seats Don't Line Up... For those you would do anything to be next to the window, it's can be wildly disappointing when you're not actually next to a window, instead needing to crank your neck forward or back to get a glimpse of the clouds. Ever wondered why that's the case? Money, that's why. Cash-hungry airlines try to squeeze in the maximum number of seats - adding windows, on the other hand, is a little more difficult.
  • Western Jet Aviation Luxstream STC for Private stuffMV G350/G450/GV/G550 type aircraft

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In other News: Collins Aerospace to bring fastest in-flight connectivity to four Gulfstream platforms
Viasat Ka-Band
Home-like connectivity experience for mid-cabin to large- and long-range business jets with more Ka-band capacity, Viasat brings you powerful and high-performing internet service without speed limits for an unrivaled in-flight experience.

  • NO internet speed limits delivered to the aircraft across all of its business aviation Ka-band service plans
  • Doubled its minimum committed internet speed to the aircraft for the same Ka-band service plans
  • New premium in-flight connectivity (IFC) experience for its Ka-band business jet customers
  • Better experience for passengers and crew to simultaneously use business-critical productivity and entertainment apps such as video-conferencing, accessing VPN/cloud content, email, high-definition streaming services, live TV and more - through all phases of flight - across the world’s most heavily traveled flight routes
  • Ka-band customers also have the option to subscribe to Viasat Unlimited Streaming, which allows passengers to access online media services without impacting monthly data allowances
  • Typical speeds of 20 Mbps and higher across the new service plans, allowing passengers to access more data at higher speeds across more devices
Click here for Viasat's Ka-band overview.
Viasat Ku-Advanced
Viasat Ku-Advanced delivers a fast-in-flight internet service for business aircraft and private jets so aircraft owners, guests, and crew can use the internet the way they want.

  • Ku-band speeds now range in CONUS from 5.0 -10.0 Mbps down to aircraft/ up to 1.0 Mbps off
  • Outside CONUS speed range from 3-6 Mbps
  • As compared to Gen I/II systems that's limited to 1.5 Mbps down/128 Kbps off aircraft
  • High performance, low cost alternative with 15+ years in service
  • Small footprint 3 LRU; Antenna, Antenna Control Unit and Modem
  • Wiring supports an easy upgrade path to Viasat Ka
Click here for Viasat's Ku-band overview.
Honeywell Jetwave KA
Honeywell’s JetWave provides in-flight Wi-Fi that is fast, reliable and available anytime, anywhere and at any altitude.

  • JetWave is the hardware that allows you to connect to Inmarsat’s Jet ConneX
  • True broadband connectivity, capable of speeds up to 33 Mbps
  • Operates on Inmarsat Aviation’s GX Ka-band network, enabled by four satellites covering the globe (polar regions excepted)
  • Committed information rates provide the industry’s highest data rate guarantee
  • Service offered directly from Honeywell, supplemented by Honeywell Forge suite of apps and services
  • Jetwave components can be rolled into the Honeywell MSP-Avionics program once regular warranty has expired
The Gogo AVANCE L5 system is the powerhouse that drives your entire Gogo Biz 4G ecosystem. Now, you can personalize, control and deliver a fully integrated inflight experience that makes connectivity easier and more powerful for everyone—passengers, pilots and crew—to use.

  • Dual directional antennas, and in-cabin Wi-Fi antennas boost performance
  • Seamless coverage in the continental U.S., plus parts of Canada and Alaska
  • Dynamic multi-network management for a consistent experience
  • Advanced 802.11ac dual-band router (5GHz & 2.4GHz) maximizes bandwidth and optimizes in-cabin Wi-Fi performance
  • Watch top movies and shows with integrated Gogo Vision
  • More uptime, less downtime via predictive maintenance and remote support
Gogo AVANCE L3 is the central hub for all your on-board networks, governing in-flight data, voice, maps, and entertainment in a small, lightweight solution designed for any budget or aircraft.

  • Operates on the Gogo Biz Air-To-Ground broadband network for seamless connectivity
  • Advanced 802.11ac dual-band router (5GHz & 2.4GHz) maximizes bandwidth and optimizes in-cabin Wi-Fi performance
  • Dynamic multi-bearer data and voice management
  • Complimentary internet on the ground in 100+ countries
  • Fully integrated inflight entertainment, information and personal smartphone services
  • Integrates with many Cabin Management Systems
Send Solutions AirText+
Airtext solves the problem of staying connected electronically to business, friends, and family without the high cost of a traditional internet option.

  • Airtext allows 16 passengers the ability to send and receive email, SMS messages and place phone calls anywhere in the world
  • Airtext box weighing about 1 pound that is installed on the airplane and connects to the existing iridium phone antenna
  • The Airtext unit also has the ability to provide D-ATIS
  • Up to 16 passengers on the aircraft can connect to the Airtext using BLE (bluetooth low energy) on their modern mobile phone
  • Passengers download the FREE Airtext mobile app and can seamlessly send and receive text messages while on-board. Messages only cost 5 cents
  • The System is Iridium based and works on the ground or in the air
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