COVID-19 Successfully Neutralized in Testing of Aviation Clean Air’s Interior Purification System
99.4% of the virus was inactivated within 30 minutes

As seen in AINspotlight - June 19, 2020

ACA Press Release | Testing Results

Attention Gulfstream® Operators!

Installation of the ACA Component Ionizer System, the same system being installed by Gulfstream®, is the ideal solution to keep your aircraft safe and sanitized.



  • Independently replicates and accelerates nature’s natural cleaning, odor eliminating and disinfecting processes.
  • Requires no scheduled maintenance nor any filter or other consumable replacements.
  • No chemicals
  • No harmful by-products
  • Produces no odors
  • Once installed and activated the process of air and surface purification is automatic whenever the ECS is activated and air is flowing through the ducts into the cabin and cockpit
  • The benefits of the ACA product are noticeable to the crew and passengers in just seconds