Discover Gogo AVANCE, the connectivity platform that gives you an incredible experience now and has you ready for what's next in inflight Wi-Fi

Gogo AVANCE is the only inflight connectivity solution that allows you to do everything you want today while preparing you for what you’ll want in the future. It’s one platform that unites all your technology and delivers a superior connectivity experience for everyone in the air, and on the ground. Offered in two different solutions with a variety of configurations, AVANCE can be customized to meet the unique needs of your flight plan.

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Gogo’s most powerful inflight connectivity system, AVANCE L5, delivers an extraordinary 4G experience and is the platform technology that will enable Gogo 5G. Enjoy the best-in-class connectivity solution that allows you to do everything digitally possible, from streaming video, web browsing, email, and flight information, to remote diagnostics and support, and real-time data for cockpit apps for up to 40 devices simultaneously.

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Gogo 5G

Gogo 5GSM is for those who want to do it all without restrictions.  Gogo's 5G network, the first of its kind built exclusively for business aviation gives you more of everything: more speed, more capacity, more devices, more live experiences – all without compromising bandwidth. Get the ultimate connectivity experience with Gogo 5G.

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The Gogo 5G network is complete and now is your chance to be the First To Fly with this incredible connectivity experience.  For a limited time, both new and existing AVANCE L5 customers can secure their place at the head of line for Gogo 5G equipment and be eligible for a $50,000 rebate upon installation.  Terms and conditions apply.  Contact us today for more information.

Gogo's First To Fly Promo FAQ

Q: Who is eligible for this promotion?
A: New and existing AVANCE L5 customers may take part in this program.
Q: What is the promotion?
A: Any new or existing L5 customer is eligible for a $30,000 loyalty incentive with a 5G system purchase order, under the following conditions:
  • Place a complete Gogo 5G (AVANCE L5 + Gogo 5G equipment) order with an authorized Dealer and schedule your installation.
  • Depending on 5G antenna availability, your Dealer will install your system with either the 5G antennas or the AVANCE L5 antennas
  • If the 5G antennas are not available, proceed with the installation so you can enjoy incredible connectivity now.
  • When your Gogo 5G antennas become available, replace your AVANCE L5 antennas with the new 5G antennas, send the AVANCE L5 antennas to us, and you’ll receive a $30,000 rebate.
  • Place a Gogo 5G equipment purchase order with your authorized Dealer and schedule your installation.
  • When you replace your current AVANCE L5 antennas with the new Gogo 5G antennas, send the AVANCE L5 antennas to us and you’ll receive a $30,000 rebate.
Q: What do we need to do?

  1. For NEW L5 customers – place a PO for the full L5+X3 system. For EXISTING L5 customers – place a PO for the full X3 system upgrade.
  2. Complete the promo request form available online by 12/31/22. This can be done by you or your installing Dealer.
  3. Once we receive the form, and the purchase order from your installing Dealer, your Gogo Regional Sales Manager will reach out to confirm your promotion eligibility.
  4. After installation of the Gogo 5G antennas, the L5 antennas must be sent back to Gogo. Your Dealer will return them after receiving an RMA (return material authorization) from Gogo.
  5. Complete a Subscriber Service Agreement (SSA) to activate service. Both the service activation and the L5 antenna return must be completed by Dec. 31, 2023. You will be issued a rebate from Gogo in approximately 4-8 weeks after the equipment is received and the SSA has been completed.
Q: What is the process for receiving a rebate?
A: When a rebate is due, our Accounting team will pay out the rebate based on the information provided in your program registration form. The payment will then be processed via check. Please allow 4-8 weeks for processing.
Q: Do I get the 5G antennas for free?
A: No. You must purchase the full 5G system (L5+X3 for new customers, X3 for existing L5 customers). If the 5G antennas are not available from Gogo at the time of your install, you will install L5 antennas. Once the 5G antennas become available and are installed, you must return your aircraft’s L5 antennas to Gogo to participate in the promo.
Q: I’m currently installing an AVANCE L3 system, can I receive this credit?
A: No. Only new or existing AVANCE L5 customers are eligible.
Q: My ATG system is not currently activated. Am I eligible for the promotion?
A: Yes! Just follow the directions for a NEW customer and purchase the AVANCE L5 and 5G X3 systems.
Q: I don’t have any Gogo connectivity system today. Am I eligible for the promotion?
A: Yes! Just follow the directions for a NEW customer and purchase the AVANCE L5 and 5G X3 systems.
Q: If I place an order by December 31, 2022 but don’t have it installed by then, will I qualify for the rebate?
A: Yes, you will qualify for the program if the online form is completed by Dec 31, 2022, a Purchase Order (PO) is received, the original L5 antennas are shipped back to Gogo, and service is activated by Dec 31, 2023.
Q: What if my account has a past due balance?
A: Your account must be in good standing to qualify for the promotion. If your account has a past due balance on your monthly service account, the past due balance must be paid in full before you will qualify for the program.
Q: I’m purchasing a new pre-owned aircraft. Do I qualify for this promotion?
A: Yes! If you complete the install with the existing L5 antennas and meet the additional requirements of the promotion, you will receive the full $30,000 credit. You can work with your Gogo dealer on the purchase of an AVANCE L5+X3 system for your new pre-owned aircraft and complete the online request form.


Gogo Vision 360

When you get Gogo Vision 360, you get access to the hottest e-magazine titles, 3D moving map, news clips, and tons of the latest hit TV and movie titles to keep everyone on board happy. New titles are updated monthly (including Disney!) and are stored locally on your AVANCE system, so you can enjoy without using up your data plan or bandwidth. Plus, Vision comes built-in to AVANCE, so no additional hardware is required.

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