Collins KuSAT2000 LuxStream
LuxStream, a new SATCOM broadband connectivity solution in the business aviation market that includes the service and the hardware.

  • The service offers very high throughput, with down speed of up to 25Mbps in the CONUS area (including Hawaii) and up to 15 Mbps everywhere else on the globe
  • High-quality bandwidth capable of supporting multiple streams of ultra-high-definition content, all while fellow passengers are concurrently running other apps
  • Collins Aerospace provides the KuSAT-2000 tail-mounted antenna and components as necessary to operate the service
  • The system is based on a Ku network, so existing Ku radome onboard the aircraft can be leveraged for a faster and lower cost installation
  • Combination of HTS and wide beam satellites ensures network redundancy and resilience
  • Western Jet Aviation Luxstream STC for Gulfstream® G350/G450/GV/G550 type aircraft

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In the News: Collins Aerospace to bring fastest in-flight connectivity to four Gulfstream platforms
Viasat Ka-Band
Home-like connectivity experience for mid-cabin to large- and long-range business jets with more Ka-band capacity, Viasat brings you powerful and high-performing internet service without speed limits for an unrivaled in-flight experience.

  • Faster speeds: Do more with no speed limits. Typical inflight internet speeds reach greater than 20 Mbps. Stream, conference, and browse better and faster during all phases of flight.
  • Forward-compatible: Protect your investment. Viasat’s Ka-band equipment will work with our enhanced satellite technology of tomorrow allowing you to accommodate the increased demand for speed, capacity and performance.
  • Unrivaled capacity: Take advantage of global bandwidth and speed powered by the world’s highest capacity satellite network. Current and future capacity is the engine powering Viasat's Ka network.
  • With Viasat Select Ka-band direct service you’ll get out-of-this-world speeds at down-to-earth pricing. Plus, you’ll enjoy 24x7x365 end-to-end support all from one provider. Viasat continues to additionally offer the Viasat Select Ka-Band service through their Value Added Reseller partners ARINCDirect, Honeywell Forge and Satcom Direct.
  • First of the ViaSat-3 satellites is scheduled for launch in H1 2022.

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Viasat Ku-Band
Viasat Ku-Advanced delivers a fast-in-flight internet service for business aircraft and private jets so aircraft owners, guests, and crew can use the internet the way they want.

  • Ku-band Advanced provides faster speeds up to 10 Mbps in order to stay connected. No matter which service plan you choose — you’ll have the speeds to do all that you want: browse the web, email, stream video and music, transfer large files and access business applications.
  • High-quality connectivity around the globe
  • Viasat services deliver predictable monthly fees, a highspeed connection, generous data allowances, and are available during all phases of flight including taxi, takeoff, and landing.
  • Viasat in-flight internet service is available over the world’s most heavily traveled routes — even over water. Our network of high-speed, cost-effective satellites deliver an excellent internet experience today and presents a seamless upgrade path to Viasat Ka-band in the future, ensuring business aircraft get the best service available where they fly today and tomorrow.

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The Gogo AVANCE L5 system is the powerhouse that drives your entire Gogo Biz 4G ecosystem. Now, you can personalize, control and deliver a fully integrated inflight experience that makes connectivity easier and more powerful for everyone—passengers, pilots and crew—to use.

  • Dual directional antennas, and in-cabin Wi-Fi antennas boost performance
  • Seamless coverage in the continental U.S., plus parts of Canada and Alaska
  • Dynamic multi-network management for a consistent experience
  • Advanced 802.11ac dual-band router (5GHz & 2.4GHz) maximizes bandwidth and optimizes in-cabin Wi-Fi performance
  • Watch top movies and shows with integrated Gogo Vision
  • More uptime, less downtime via predictive maintenance and remote support
Send Solutions AirText+
Airtext solves the problem of staying connected electronically to business, friends, and family without the high cost of a traditional internet option.

  • Airtext allows 16 passengers the ability to send and receive email, SMS messages and place phone calls anywhere in the world
  • Airtext box weighing about 1 pound that is installed on the airplane and connects to the existing iridium phone antenna
  • The Airtext unit also has the ability to provide D-ATIS
  • Up to 16 passengers on the aircraft can connect to the Airtext using BLE (bluetooth low energy) on their modern mobile phone
  • Passengers download the FREE Airtext mobile app and can seamlessly send and receive text messages while on-board. Messages only cost 5 cents
  • The System is Iridium based and works on the ground or in the air