Upgrade today from your Rantec antenna to the latest version of Viasat's VR series Antenna System

Ku-band VR-12C Advanced Antenna

  • The Rantec antenna is belt driven and unreliable, costly and obsolete as of May 2018
  • The Rantec antenna has no repair capabilities and used parts are difficult to find and come with no warranty.
  • The new VR-12C antenna uses precision bearings which make it highly reliable.
  • The VR-12C antenna has 3x’s the download speed as compared to the Rantec antenna.
  • Increased operational area within the satellite beam resulting in improved connectivity.
VR-12C Product Improvements
  • Form/Fit/Function Equivalent to VR-12T (except for power wiring changes)
  • Compatible with existing ArcLight modems
  • Replaces existing 10-watt SSPA with new 20-watt SSPA
  • Extended receive band: 10.95-12.75 GHz (Standard Product: 11.55-12.75 GHz)
    • Band switching controlled by modem via ACU
  • Incorporates redesigned azimuth bearing and drive motor for increased reliability
  • Slip ring reliability improvement over VR-12T
  • Qualified to lasted RTCA DO-160G

User Benefits
  • Potential to double transmit and return link data rate
    • Means more data can be pushed off the plane
  • Statement is service plan dependent, see next page
  • Increases operational area within satellite beam
  • Extended Rx band opens up use of other Ku-band satellites and bandwidth
Ku-band VR-12 Comparison Table   
Product / Specifications Units VR-12T VR-12C
Rx Frequency GHz 11.55 to 12.75 11.55 to 12.75 (Band 1)
10.95to 11.70 (Band2)
Electronically Switchable
Tx Frequency GHz 14.0 to 14.5 14.0 to 14.5
Power Max (Ant & ACU) Watts 220 350
Aircraft Voltage (MAX) VDC 28 Nominal @10A 28 Nominal @15A
Polarization - Linear H or V with polarization tracking Linear H or V with polarization tracking
EIRP (w/o radome, on ground) dBW 39.5 42.5
G/T (w/o radome, on ground) dB/K 9 9.0 at >11.55GHz
8.0 at <11.55GHz
SSPA Power (P1dB) Watts 10 20
Waveform - AL-1 & AL-2 AL-1 & AL-2
IF frequency (Tx) MHz 950 to 1450 950 to 1450
IF frequency (Tx) MHz 950 to 2150 950 to 2150
Ku-band Advanced Coverage Map
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